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About Spurwing Media

With over 30 years of experience in broadcast television production, customized content creation, and large-scale shows and conventions, Spurwing Media, Inc. (formerly Safari Video Productions) specializes in presenting compelling stories and delivering memorable events. From producing high-impact exhibitions and top-rated conventions on the Vegas strip, to action-packed TV programs produced around the globe, Spurwing has a proven track record of success. Our award-winning national television series, SCI’s Expedition Safari, recently completed its 12th season.

Since the mid-1980’s, we’ve produced hundreds of shows, and delivered top-caliber program content from some of the world’s most exotic and challenging locations. Along the way, our clients have included international brands, A-list entertainers, celebrity guest speakers, and influential world leaders at the highest echelons of government. Our talented and multidisciplinary team has the refined skills needed to craft engaging, powerful stories, and the technical and creative know-how to produce impactful presentations. With several decades of combined experience, our team listens carefully to your needs, and produces original, tailored content based on your specific objectives.

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Television Production

Spurwing Media Inc. has a veteran in-house production staff with decades of combined experience crafting stories and messages to meet specific client goals. With seasoned creative vision, our multi-disciplinary team is technically savvy in television production, global travel logistics, marketing, event management, broadcast-quality editing, impactful graphic treatments and other complex design elements. We excel in creating both short-form branding pieces as well as longer, more involved documentary-length programs. 

We plan. We direct. We shoot. We edit. We produce. 


Live Event Production

To meet the outlined project goals of your event project, Spurwing Media will collaborate with your key personnel and subject matter experts to define strategic objectives and develop a viable production strategy. We then generate a working script, from which a list of key project initiatives and other production elements can be derived. 


As your strategic production partner, Spurwing Media constantly strives to add value to every aspect of a project, regardless of technical or creative challenges. Ultimately, we succeed by helping you succeed, and we do not consider a project completed until you are fully satisfied with the end product.


Media and Content Creation

Spurwing Media is an independent, creative studio producing engaging programs that stay focused on your message. We handle all production logistics, copyrights, licensing, permits, and location-specific challenges to help make your production experience as efficient and satisfying as possible. Applying a multi-disciplinary approach, our team will patiently research your needs to better understand the story you want to tell…and then pursue creative solutions that vividly bring it to life. Every production situation is unique, loaded with possibilities, opportunities and challenges. Videos, Photos, Scripts, Graphics, Sounds, Logos, Packaging, Distribution, Marketing, Social Media – there are many moving parts! Your needs may require one, or any combination of these. Spurwing works with you as a valuable partner, providing the expertise necessary for navigating through a convoluted and ever-evolving media landscape.



Our Work

With a track record spanning three decades, Spurwing Media has built a reputation for crafting compelling, immersive, and action-driven stories for a variety of clients worldwide. Whether you’re trying to motivate, educate, demonstrate or invigorate…we work with you to define a viable content strategy to fit your particular needs.  To find out how Spurwing can help your organization with a media mix that delivers, click here to get in touch with one of our planning experts today.

Featured Entertainers and Speakers


Spurwing Media produced events for our clients and their corporate events!  



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